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Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

Our area has recently gotten a new wildlife rehabilitator who is caring for the orphaned and injured wildlife. Patti Stangel had many years experience working with White Pine Wildlife Rehab. Now she has all the necessary permits and has opened Wildlife R & R. If you find any wild animals and are concerned for their well-being please contact Patty at 715-832-1462


People often see baby animals that they believe have been abandoned by the mother. This may not be the case since wild animals often protect their young by staying away from the baby. A baby may appear abandoned when the mother is actually nearby watching and waiting for you to leave. Please leave baby animals alone unless you are certain that something has happened to the parents. If you do find a true orphaned baby or any animal that is injured, please contact Patty Stangel at 715-832-1462



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